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Flowers with meanings 💐

Dahlias are associated with many meanings & symbols, such as wealth, love, elegance & involvement. Even as far back as the Aztecs who saw them as a symbol of devotion, & the Victorians for whom they were symbolic of a lasting bond between two people.

Today, they represent grace, generosity & kindness to others 🧡

They are from Balmoral. I assume they have been done by the Royal garden staff as many pieces are. They are swapped out daily when the candles are changed. I kept track of the original blooms and their meaning.

Dahlia-beauty, commitment, kindness

Sweet peas-blissful pleasure, goodbye

Phlox-harmony, heart and soul, sweet dreams

White Heather-the highland equivalent of a four leaf clover

Pine fir-endurance, farewell

I think the messages are very clear.

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