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Valentine's Day - Don't Miss Out!

Can you believe it's only two weeks until Valentine's Day! 2022 is already flying by!

This year, we've kept the majority of our Valentines & Romance collection to florist choice flowers. The main reason for this is to ensure that you, our amazing customers, are getting the best possible value for money on your gifts!

You may have seen in the press the crazy prices of roses this year, and believe us - they really are crazy! Of course, we all expect prices to rise on peak dates such as Valentines or Mothers Day, but this year it's gone further than anyone anticipated. Our usual go-to red roses sold at £6 per stem last Valentine's Day - this year, we're looking over £10 per stem!!

Ordering your gifts early really helps us to plan our buying strategy to keep giving you guys the best possible prices & flowers available!

Why not view our 2022 collection & secure your Valentine's Day floral gifts now -

Thank you for your continued support

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