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Valentine's Roses

Not all roses are the same...

When it comes to Valentine's Day, as a florist, we understand it can seem expensive to buy a dozen red roses from your local florist when the supermarket sells them so much cheaper.

But - when you compare the quality, there really is no comparison.

Supermarkets rarely look after their flowers. Most of the time they're hardly in water, the stems haven't been cut in days, they've traveled hundreds of miles, they're thirsty, battered & bruised.

When you buy from a florist, the flowers are looked after all the way along the process - from the growers, through the auction & right until they arrive with your florist. They're treated with care, placed in fresh water for a good drink, stems cut in the best way for that particular flower to bloom for as long as possible.

Many supermarkets offer a 5 day guarantee on their flowers - but as a florist I'd be mortified if my flowers only lasted 5 days!!

All florists offer a range of flowers to suit all budgets - don't ever think you can't buy within yours!

Contact us any time for advice on the best value for you!

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